Build your foundation and technique to succeed in para medical tattoo industry

Becoming a Paramedical Tattooist

I have been there! It is scary to leave your comfort zone and start something new whether you are thinking of changing your career or you want to add a new service to your existing beauty business. Fear comes from lacking knowledge or information. KNOWLEDGE = POWER!

I hope these courses will provide clear steps you need to take in terms of building your skills, so you can feel confident.

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Founder of Elevate You Studio

Hi I'm Gina

I'm a medical tattooist and a trainer.

I have been working as a medical tattooist for over 4 years. I was inspired by a Canadian tattoo artist who was a burn victim, who camouflaged her facial skin. When I saw she helped other burn victims with her experience, I immediately found my passion. My passion to help others feel better about themselves, helped me overcome my own personal life obstacles as a single mom, and gave me a purpose. 

Life brings so many surprises to everyone’s life. I learned It’s easier to overcome daily challenges when we have a goal. I love knowing that I can help people keep their eyes on the horizon and find the purpose in their lives through skills I learned over the years. 

I look forward to growing more and helping others grow together.

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Choose a training program based on the instructor’s experience not based on the price.

Make sure the course will teach out fundamental tattoo technique.

Make sure the instructor has done extensive research and years of practice to provide a safe approach with results.

Make sure all the information is transparent in terms of what products are used during the procedure as you will have to disclose it to your clients.

Make sure the course will teach you not only “How to do. What to do, “ but also WHY to do so.

Make sure courses will use US manufactured products for easier access to order because that can be quite an inconvenience in the future.

Training Option

In Person Training

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Virtual Training

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Online Training

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Please text inquiries to see if you are a candidate , and to inquire about the Cost and other next available dates about In Person Training at 818 312 4924 with Introduction of yourself. I would like to know what your goal is, so I can help you achieve your goal, complete this training courses with confidence .

Strong foundational technique will bring good results


Who are these courses for ?

Single technique is for students who wish to learn just one technique either Inkless tattoo ( No ink ), or Camouflage tattoo ( with ink ) to start. or students who had taken either of the courses in the past, want to add an additional technique.

In Depth Combo course is for someone who wants to learn , master the full picture of treating Stretch Marks . So you will be learning both techniques. Stretchmarks Inkless tattoo/ Camouflage tattoo, which will allow you to work with every client who walks into your shop depending on which technique they are eligible for. ( only 20% stretch marks are candidates for camouflage tattoo).

You will learn how to analyze stretch marks and how to determine the approach. An extensive details are shared in-depth in the course.

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