Build your foundation and technique to succeed in para medical tattoo industry

Founder of Elevate You Studio

Hi I'm Gina

I'm a medical tattooist, and a trainer.

I have been working as a medical tattooist for over 5 years. I was inspired by a Canadian tattoo artist who was a burn victim, who camouflaged her facial skin. When I saw she helped other burn victims with her experience, I immediately found my passion. My passion to help others feel better about themselves, helped me overcome my own personal life obstacles as a single mom, and gave me a purpose.

Life brings so many surprises to everyoneā€™s life. I learned Itā€™s easier to overcome daily challenges when we have a goal. I love knowing that I can help people keep their eyes on the horizon and find the purpose in their lives through skills I learned over the years.

I look forward to growing more and helping others grow together.

I built this training program with everything, I wished I could have had as a studentĀ my first time enteringĀ the para medical tattoo industry a little over 5 years ago.

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