Build your foundation and technique to succeed in para medical tattoo industry

Virtual Training

You will join In-person Live training through Zoom, Watch model demo, Full Training kit/, Manual will be mailed to you prior to the training date.


Stretchmarks Inkless Tattoo

2 days (10am-1:30pm)

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Stretchmarks Camouflage Tattoo

2 days ( 1:30pm-4pm )

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Stretchmarks In-Depth Combo

2 days (10am-4pm)

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Who is Virtual Training for ?

I created Virtual Training for those of you who live far, and not able to join In Person Training. You will get to watch In Person Training " Live " including model " demonstration through Zoom Camera.

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It can be overwhelming to choose the right training program for you since there are so many out there. So why would you choose to train with me? 


You want to get the best out of your investment


You want to fill the gap of what you learned previously


You want to be the best in the industry


You want to be a medical tattoo artist who care about how your clients feel


You want to make sure you will leave the class feeling equipped with knowledge and clarity.

My training program is for someone who really wants to learn in depth and become the best at what they are doing, rather than quick, speedy learning ( crash course ) . There is NO POSSIBLE WAY for someone to learn everything about stretch marks and scars in 2 days.

What's going on these days is that a lot of courses are offered by people who have very little experience (less than a year or so), and they offer crash courses that teach you everything at once in such a short time. You will go home thinking that is all you need to know, then soon you will find yourself “winging it'' instead of having clarity on what you are doing.

Let’s think about our clients who will come to us trusting they will feel better about their scars and stretchmarks. We have a responsibility to do our due diligence.

When I was starting my career in medical tattoo, I was in despair after I took the first few courses, because it did not prepare me to take clients at all. I struggled to connect the dots between missing information, and I felt so lost.

I created my training program because I want my students to feel equipped and start making money when they finish taking my course.

I’m confident this is one of the most detailed oriented courses you can find that will build your foundation for further education on medical tattoo.

Those of you who will be taking online training as a beginner, please come for the one day in-person model practice in the future.


My courses are in depth education separated by different subjects. 

2 days stretchmarks —-> 2 days scars —----> 2 days areolas. I do not teach stretch marks and scars together. 

If you are an experienced artist who has not trained with me, would like to be accepted for Scar In Depth Training, we will set up a call so I can evaluate your level and make sure we are including what you are missing in your training. 

If you are out of state, and you would like 4 days stretch marks / scars training, Please reach out to me when you are ready to book the date.

Stretch Marks In Depth Combo Virtual Training

In Depth Training is done for 2 days, if you choose Single course you will participate just the part you want to take during those 2 days

Training Pillars

  • Medical skin education
  • Skin analysis
  • 2 technique : This training includes 2 different techniques , Stretch Marks Inkless treatment and Stretchmarks Camouflage.
  • Client fulfillment
  • Business/ marketing advice
  • Beauty business startup checklist

Ongoing support :6 months free online training access

  • Questions can be posted in Facebook .

Training Details

  • 2DAYS Training Cost $2800
  • 3 Months mentorship coaching program - $1800
  • Non refundable Down payment $1000 ( zelle venmo cash app ) , or I can send you Payment links for credit card payment.
  • Balance to be paid 2 days prior to the training.
  • An option to book One day In Person model practice in the future ( an additional cost )
  • You will receive your training kit and manual prior to the training dates and Zoom link.
  • Next available dates : Please text for the next available date when you are ready to reserve one. Sep 30-Oct 1, Oct 6-7, Oct 21-22, Nov 11-12
  • Class is 10am-4pm. 20 mins quick lunch break ( snacks, lunch provided )
  • All the material provided ( manual, a set of ink, Machine, power supply, needles)
  • Model demo on the second day.
  • Fundamental Tattoo Machine/ Needle technique (Needle angle, hand angle, hand motion, machine stroke, Needle taper, depending on what type of skin you tattoo )
  • Physics of tattoo
  • How to tattoo the Correct Skin Depth to prevent it from fading too quickly or blowout.
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Simplified color matching

Things to consider when you choose a training course

  • Make sure the course will teach out fundamental tattoo technique
  • Make sure the instructor has done extensive research and years of practice to provide a safe approach with results.
  • Make sure all the information is transparent in terms of what products are used during the procedure as you will have to disclose it to your clients.
  • Make sure the course will teach you not only “How to do. What to do, “ but also WHY to do so.
  • Make sure courses will use US manufactured products for easier access to order because that can be quite an inconvenience in the future.
  • Choose an instructor based on their experience, not the price.

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