Build your foundation and technique to succeed in para medical tattoo industry

Stretchmarks Inkless Tattoo


We will be discussing subjects below:

  • Cross contamination and infection control
  • Preparation of business 
  • Supply list and links to the vendors
  • Business forms
  • Contraindication
  • Skin science / skin anatomy / wound healing process
  • What are stretch marks ?
  • Difference between microneedling and inkless tattoo
  • Types of stretch marks
  • Who are candidates ?
  • Consultation process, pricing, business forms
  • How to set right expectation
  • Technical Checklist during procedure ( needle depth, hand motion, machine speed, how many passes, hand speed, correct skin depth, needle angle )
  • Correct hand movement when using magnum needle
  • Common mistakes and how to prevent it
  • Troubleshooting : Making mistakes is inevitable, what do we do when we make mistakes ?
  • Pre care for hyperpigmentation prone skin type
  • Treatment booster, what type of serum do we use ? 
  • Procedure steps from the start to end 
  • Healing process
  • After care
  • Follow up
  • FAQ
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